Virtual and In-Person Psychotherapy for Couples and Individuals in Georgia

(Spanish & English)

Promoting Growth, Healing and Change for Couples and Individuals

The journey within begins here

I’m Isabel, a psychotherapist based in Metro Atlanta who is devoted to supporting adults overcome emotional, behavioral and relational challenges. I have worked both in community mental health and psychiatric care settings providing individual, couple, and group counseling since 2018.

My areas of focus include couples counseling, mood disorders (anxiety and depression), and trauma related disorders.

My approach is holistic and bespoke to each client based on their needs, strengths, goals, and complex sense of self/identity. I enjoy working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures. I see therapy as an explorative and collaborative process that illuminates roadblocks to well-being and allows us to imagine, attain, and sustain meaningful lives.

I’m here to help light the way

  • relationship distress
  • post traumatic stress
  • anxiety & depression
  • shame & self-esteem
  • gender & sexuality
  • meaning & purpose
  • adjusments & transitions
  • grief & loss

“Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakes.”

~ Carl Jung

Starting off on a foggy day, you are unsure where this path to self-discovery will lead, but you trust you’ve found yourself at the trailhead for good reason. You know you’re brave because you’ve made it here. You sense the ground underneath your feet and brace yourself for the wilderness – your thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, fears, longings, dreams.

I am there beside you, clearing the brush, lighting your way whenever it gets hard to see ahead, pointing out features of your inner landscape worth taking in. Sometimes there is weather – a crisis, a loss, a life transition – and we endure together, allowing these experiences to shape and transform the journey. Over time, you begin to see things from a different vantage point. Cycles and patterns are illuminated.

Understanding, perspective, presence and compassion take root. Regardless of your destination, you can feel that you are finding your way – you are blooming.